Wayne Martin Belger legt Herzblut in seine Arbeit...

Der Ausdruck „man legt sein Herzblut in die Arbeit“ bekommt beim Fotografen Wayne Martin Belger eine ganz andere Dimension.
Seine selbstgebauten Kameras (aus Totenschädeln, Teilen der 9/11-Ruinen, Motten..) spiegeln immer das zu fotografierende Objekt wider. Bei seinem nächsten Projekt heißt die Kamera „Untouchable“, weil HIV-infiziertes Blut vor der Linse rinnt und er mit der Pinholekamera HIV-Infizierte Menschen fotografiert.

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"Inspiration for this project comes from my desire to learn about my present world, past world, the world inside me. Most of my projects have been extremely personal quests. I have created cameras that deal with landmark times in my personal history to further explore the depths of those transitional moments.

The Untouchable or HIV Camera started with a conversation with one of my good friends about what his life has been like before and after being diagnosed HIV positive. In our conversations it was clear I couldn’t see the world the way he does, the way people see him, the stigma of HIV that he deals with and what daily life is like living with an internal, unseen villain. With the help of my friend I created the “Untouchable” project: a project of understanding that will evolve and grow to increase the awareness of what life is like for people living with HIV and AIDS."