ROMKA - Ein sehr persönliches Fotomagazin

Sehr Persönliches wird hier dargestellt. Schönes. Intimes. Und Österreichisches. Das freut die fotostrada:

Benedikt Rietzel (Austria)
Daniel Gebhart de Koekkoek (Austria)
Marlies Plank (Austria)

romka magazine

Romka is a magazine devoted to personal favorite photographs.

Unlike most other formats, in which artists showcase highlights of their portfolio or most recent work in order to promote themselves, Romka is an opportunity to discover pictures that really matter: the print from your fridge, the portrait of your lover that you always keep in your wallet, pictures of places you love and memories you want to cherish forever. Since all this has nothing to do with a commercial photographic career, Romka treats amateurs and professionals alike.