Wunderbaum klagt Getty!

Es gibt nichts, was es nicht gibt. Weil in einem Stockfoto der Wunderbaum zu sehen ist, klagt die Firma mit dem Wunderbaum (Car-Freshner) Getty Images. Fotografen, gebt also acht, welche bekannten Silhouetten ihr fotografiert.

Getty Images has lost a round in court against Car-Freshner Corporation, the marketer of the pine-tree shaped air fresheners that hang from the rear view mirrors of taxi cabs and many a private vehicle.

Car-Freshner sued Getty in 2009 for unauthorized use of trademark, because Getty used its so-called Tree Mark fresheners in a series of stock photographs. Several weeks ago, a federal court in New York State declined Getty's motion to dismiss the case, saying Car-Freshner had made "plausible" arguments for trademark infringement.

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The maker of the pine-tree shaped air freshener has sued Getty Images for unauthorized use of its trademark.