Diese Kamera kann schnurren - digital!

Machen sie doch nicht immer Bilder VON Ihrer Katze. Fotografieren Sie einmal MIT einer Katze. Die Japaner zeigen, wie´s geht ;-) Miau!
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P.S. fotostrada hat das ORIGINAL in Keramik daheim stehen!

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necono cat camera digital

Price: £140.00

From Superheadz Tokyo, the manufacturers of the Harinezumi comes an even cuter digital toy camera the Necono.

The Necono (Neco is Japanese for cat) is shaped like a cat with the lens in the right eye, self timer light in the left and other controls hidden on the body. The manufacturers say that with the Necono "everyone will be captured with a smile, there is no need to say cheese".

While shaped like a cat this whimsical device is a working camera and can capture stills, movies or shoot at one second intervals.

Just like a cat it is unpredictable and with no screen you are never sure excatly what you are shooting with images that can be sharp and bright or soft focus.

Also like a cat it can go almost everywhere as it has magnetic feet.

The design is based on the work of Lisa Larson, a noted Swedish ceramic artist and is packaged in a lovely, bright box.

It takes micro SD & SDHC memory cards up to 16GB. A Japanese plug is enclosed. To recharge the camera use a Japanese to UK adaptor, a UK USB mains plug or plug into the USB port of a computer.

A separate pouch and a separate dedicated monitor Monitor Ground for shooting with Necono is available.

HIER bestellt man die digitale Katze!