Jai Hind - Eva Schimmer und die "Next Generation"

Nicht nur schreckliche Nachrichten (Attentat mit über 20 Toten) aus Mumbai. „Good news“ gibt es diesmal von Eva Schimmer mit einem neuen Projekt: Jai Hind - The Next Generation. Aber seht doch selbst..

Jai Hind - Next Generation is an upcoming book project, published autumn 2011

Jai Hind जय हिंद "Hail India" or "Victory to India" a slogan and battle cry most commonly used in speeches and communications pertaining to or referring to patriotism towards India. The Indian revolutionary Chempakaraman Pillai introduced this salutation.

Jai Hind is the name of an upcoming book, magazine project about a land of the contrasts. My tribute to India. I decided to do the book because I couldn't really find a book which tryouts to capture modern Indian youth. Places are about people. Typical cliches like elephants, slums, taj,... are known all around the world.
But the daily life is somehow skipped. Countryside in contrast to modern, western culture loving metrocity youth. Slums and Middle Class. Guys around the corner and famous people.

In summer 2010 I came the first time to India. Since that time I am photographing people. The next generation, from slums to middle class.

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